Dynamic Server Security Protection Beyond Detection & Alert



The agent is shelled to prevent tampering, and encrypted transmission is used to ensure data security:

  • Limit the occupation of system resources.
  • CPU occupation rate < 1%, memory occupation < 100MB.
  • extremely low consumption .
  • offline automatic restart, stability up to 99.99% .

A flexible plug-in engine, multiple functional modules such as smart asset inventory, risk identification, intrusion detection, and baseline compliance are linked, data connectivity between modules with MITRE ATT&CK forms a closed-loop security process.

Agent scanning mechanism can comprehensively detect the vulnerabilities of IT assets and discover latest vulnerabilities and server failures in real time. Continuous to protect the services, applications, and data in the server environment.

The product adopts a centralized management mode for unified platform management and control.
It supports most mainstream Linux/Windows systems, and also supports hosts in hybrid business architecture environments such as on-premises, virtual environments, and cloud environments

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24x7 Monitoring, Timely threat discovery

Continuous detect abnormal behaviors, protect sensitive data. When threats are detected, will record all malicious actions immediately and trigger joint defense, provide reliable protection for servers.

Rapid Risk Identification

Actively and comprehensively discover the potential risks and vulnerabilities on the servers, promptly mitigate high risks, such as vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and malicious code execution, thereby improving the capabilities of security monitoring, prevention, and management, ensuring the last mile of cybersecurity.

Fully Transparent Security Status

Through the adaptive capabilities of prevention, detection, protection and response, formed a set of visual server management platform that can identify internal risks and defense external threats.


Smart Asset Identification

Precise Risk Monitoring

24/7 Threat Detection

Threat Status Visualization

Security Compliance Check

Tiny Server Agent

We support a wide range of the latest SSP technologies and will work with you to deploy a system that’s best tailored to your organisation’s threat detection needs.

Our security operations center team of analysts, engineers and incident responders are responsible for the deployment, configuration and ongoing monitoring of your SSP solution. We’ll even host it for you in our data center.

Numen SSP OPS is the threat management platform our SOC experts use to notify your in-house security team of incidents and supply the actionable mitigation guidance they need to respond quickly and effectively.