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We provide industry-leading Web3 Security Solutions, covering all the cybersecurity requirements of different Web3 application scenarios.

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Smart Contract Security

A Comprehensive Security review that focuses on the scrutiny of the code used for underwriting the terms and conditions in the smart contract to reduce the risk of security vulnerability.

Numen Cyber Labs team has audited thousands of well-known smart contracts, covering public blockchain platforms such as ETH, EOS, Ripple and Tron. During the audits, we discovered hundreds of high and critical vulnerabilities. Our professional services are also highly recognized and appreciated by many customers

Wallet Security

An extensive crypto wallet security audit, insights on blockchain exchange’s business logic flaws at the wallet layer that can allow a malicious attack to exploit or there is an unknown vulnerability in one of the dependencies that the crypto wallet.

Exchange Security

A systematic and structured Audit Review on every aspect of a Crypto Asset Exchange to detect attack vector and design a framework to counter the attack vector.

Public Chain Security

Asses multiple levels of chain platform node communication, storage, consensus, and authority management using different security audit approaches such as black & grey box and white box testing.

Crypto Tracing and Forensic

Cryptocurrency tracing and forensic are investigative methods of tracking virtual assets on the blockchain , and be used to identify perpetrators and locate assets where they were moved to and to whom.

Our Numen Cyber Labs has state-of-the-art technology and extensive experienced blockchain researchers to guard and find your lost cryptocurrency.

You don’t have to face fraud and uncertainty alone

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Web3 Threat Intelligence / Web3

What is Web3 Threat Intelligence?

Web3 Threat Intelligence is data collected, processed, and analyzed to understand the motivations, targets, and behaviors of blockchain hackers. It enables us to make faster, more informed, data-supported security decisions and change the behavior of threat actors from reactive to proactive in the fight against them.

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