Vulnerability Researcher

Job Description

As a Vulnerability Researcher, you will be working closely with Chief Security Researcher.

Job Responsibilities

Your job responsibilities will be: –

  • Perform research to discover vulnerabilities in operating systems / binary software / web applications / Blockchain, through code audit, black box testing, and reverse engineering.
  • Develop and enhance processes and tools for the discovery and triage of vulnerabilities.
  • Develop exploit code for the newest vulnerabilities, such as CVE, N-day vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Research into new vulnerability discovery techniques and processes


  • Bachelor’s degree in a computer science or engineering field or equivalent a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.
  • Strong reverse engineering skills and experienced in reverse engineering complex software applications or operating system components.
  • Up-to-date knowledge on different type of software, and experienced in performing vulnerability discovery on any operating system, software (Binary OR Web) applications or Blockchain.
  • Up-to-date knowledge on modern exploitation techniques and hands-on experience in bypassing exploitation mitigation technologies gained through developing proof-of-concept exploits.
  • Experience in using and current static and dynamic software analysis tools and techniques in reverse engineering and vulnerability discovery process. Able to adapt and extend existing manual or automated tools to better support the work.
  • Development experience in C /C++, GoLang or scripting languages (e.g. Python, Ruby).
  • Desired Skills and Experience in Vulnerability research, Exploit development, reverse-engineering, Scripting, Auditing, MS/Linux operating system, software (Binary OR Web) applications, Black Box, Fuzzing.
Job Category: Human Resource
Job Location: Singapore
Experience: 3+ Years

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