Numen Cyber Announces Partnership with RedLight Finance

RedLight Finance x Numen Partnership Graphic

Numen Cyber, a leading provider of web3 security services, is proud to announce its partnership with RedLight Finance, a premier decentralized platform. This collaboration aims to enhance the security of the Web3 ecosystem and restore faith in blockchain technology. 

RedLight Finance has chosen Numen Cyber to provide top-notch security services for its platform, ensuring the safety of its users’ assets and transactions. Numen Cyber’s team of experts will work closely with RedLight Finance to implement the best security measures and practices, keeping the platform secure from potential threats. 

About RedLight Finance 

Redlight Finance is a technology company that aims to provide a complete cryptocurrency platform that acts as a bridge between the real world and web3 through blockchain technology. Their goal is to achieve this mission through a completely gas-free blockchain. 

The gas-free blockchain they developed allows users to provide a use case for traditional cryptocurrency investors by integrating smart contracts. 

Most importantly, since there is no gas fee for transactions, Redlight Finance believes this will allow traditional businesses that require large databases of private information (e.g. hospitals and financial institutions) to transition to web3 safely. 

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