Numen Cyber of Singapore Forms Strategic Partnership with SINNET CLOUD HK LIMITED of Hong Kong

Numen Cyber, a leading Singapore-based cybersecurity firm, announced a strategic partnership with BEIJING SINNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. of Hong Kong. This collaboration focuses on enhancing the security of cloud server and cloud service business scenarios.

Numen Cyber, dedicated to providing professional cybersecurity services and integrated security product solutions, boasts a robust technical team comprised of renowned security experts from around the globe. This team has discovered significant vulnerabilities in well-known public blockchains (including EOS, Ripple, TRON, Augur, Aptos, Sui), various web3 projects, and products from Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Its clientele includes prominent Web2/Web3 projects and enterprises such as Binance and Avepoint, and it maintains strategic partnerships with entities like BNB Chain, Cobo, BitForex, Huawei Cloud, Asia Digital Bank, ChainUP, and InsurAce.

SINNET CLOUD HK LIMITED, an affiliate of Beijing-based BEIJING SINNET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (the independent operator of Amazon Web Services in China’s Beijing region), has established itself as a professional data center and cloud computing service provider in China since its inception in May 2018. Committed to becoming a bearer and enabler of China’s cloud service capabilities, SINNET strives to provide comprehensive, end-to-end, cloud-neutral services through its platform, supporting the cloud transformation, supply-side reform, and innovation-driven development of Chinese enterprises in the era of new infrastructure.

This partnership is set to strengthen the collaboration in the field of cloud service security, jointly enhancing the safety and reliability of cloud service scenarios. The combination of Numen Cyber’s expertise in cybersecurity and SINNET’s cloud computing technology is expected to offer enterprise clients a higher level of security and service efficiency.

This collaboration marks a shared commitment to improving the security of cloud computing, providing customers with more efficient and secure cloud service experiences.


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