Numen Cyber Partners with MUFEX to Revolutionize Web3 Security and Decentralized Trading


SINGAPORE, 13-JUNE-2023 – Numen Cyber is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with MUFEX, a decentralized derivatives exchange (DEX) at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the trading experience by ensuring heightened security and dependability for users.

MUFEX stands out in the market with its innovative smart contract wallets that streamline registration and login procedures while maintaining a high level of security, eliminating the need for mnemonic phrases or private keys. By leveraging advanced technology, MUFEX provides traders with a secure and user-friendly platform comparable to centralized exchanges.

One of the key advantages of MUFEX is its MLP liquidity pool, which significantly reduces slippage and offers precise and unmatched trading opportunities. This cutting-edge feature enhances the overall trading experience, ensuring seamless execution and improved market efficiency.

This collaboration places a strong emphasis on implementing robust security practices and providing advisory services. Numen Cyber, as a leading security company, will lend its expertise by offering ongoing security consultations to MUFEX. This partnership aims to safeguard user data and assets from emerging threats in the dynamic blockchain environment.

To empower users with knowledge and insights, MUFEX and Numen Cyber will jointly organize educational webinars and workshops focused on cybersecurity within the DeFi space. These informative sessions will cover critical areas such as smart contract security, best practices for securing wallets, and measures to enhance the security of exchanges. By equipping users with the necessary skills and awareness, this partnership strives to cultivate a safer environment for participants in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Furthermore, MUFEX and Numen Cyber will engage in collaborative research and development initiatives. This joint effort will foster innovation in security solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by decentralized exchanges.

“We are thrilled to partner with Numen Cyber to enhance the security of our platform and contribute to the overall growth of the blockchain industry,” said DY, Director of Business Development at MUFEX. “Their expertise and best practices will further strengthen our commitment to providing a secure and reliable trading environment for our users.”

The collaboration between MUFEX and Numen Cyber marks a notable achievement in the efforts to establish a safe and prosperous blockchain sector. This strategic partnership reflects the shared dedication of both entities to foster innovation, promote user education, and enhance the latest advancements in security protocols.

About MUFEX: MUFEX is a game-changing decentralized perpetual trading exchange dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience. By utilizing ZKP technology, we ensure the privacy of users and security of user assets while simultaneously improving overall transaction performance and experience. Through smart contract wallets, MUFEX offers a seamless registration and login process reminiscent of Web 2.0, eliminating the need for mnemonic phrases or private keys while ensuring the security of personal assets.

With a trading experience akin to traditional centralized exchanges, enhanced by the innovative MLP liquidity pool that minimizes slippage, MUFEX sets the stage for precision and unparalleled trading opportunities. We are also working on the chat2Trade, making trading ubiquitous and supporting the widespread adoption of Web3. Introducing an industry-leading affiliate system and platform, MUFEX goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service. With a team of nearly 30 members comprising experienced entrepreneurs from reputable exchanges like Binance, Bybit, Huobi, and MEXC, MUFEX stands at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, ready to redefine the way users engage with cryptocurrencies and unlock limitless possibilities.

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