Platypus Finance Project Hit by $8.5M Flash Loan Attack

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According to Numen’s on-chain monitoring, on Feb 16th, 2023 at 07:16:54 PM +UTC, the Platypus Finance project on the Avalanche network was hit by a flash loan attack due to a logic issue in the emergencyWithdraw function of the MasterPlatypusV4 contract, resulting in a total loss of 8.5 million US dollars. The stolen funds are currently in the possession of the hacker’s contract address.

Hacker address:

Hacker contract address:

Attack transaction:

Attack Analysis

The attacker first borrowed 44 million USDC from Aave via a flash loan, and then used the borrowed USDC to call the deposit function of the Pool contract to stake it, obtaining 44,000,100,592,104 lp tokens.

Transaction Info 1

The attacker then staked the obtained lp tokens by calling the deposit function of MasterPlatypusV4, and further utilized the borrow function of the PlatypusTreasure contract to take out a loan. The borrowing limit of PlatypusTreasure is up to 95% of the staked amount, and the attacker borrowed 41,794,533,641,783,253,909,672,000 USP.

Transaction Info 2

After completing the borrowing, the hacker called the emergencyWithdraw function of MasterPlatypusV4 to withdraw the staked lp tokens. As the borrowed amount did not exceed the maximum limit in the code, the isSolvent function returned true, allowing the hacker to withdraw the stake.

Transaction Info 3
Contract code

The hacker’s funds are currently still in their attack contract and have not been transferred elsewhere.

Transaction Screenshot

Core of the Vulnerability



The main vulnerability is in the emergencyWithdraw function. When a user makes an emergency withdrawal, the function does not check the user’s status in repaying their borrowed funds, allowing the hacker to directly withdraw the stake.

Code Screenshot for emergencywithdraw function

POC Reproduction



POC Results


Numen Cyber Labs reminds project teams to conduct strict checks on the status of borrowed funds and the amount borrowed when staking and borrowing in the contract. Multiple security audits should be conducted before the contract is launched to ensure that risks are eliminated as much as possible off-chain.

If you wish to audit and ensure that your projects are free from exploits such as these, please reach out to us here.

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