Security Topics on MOVE Ecosystem (Online)

Free Online Seminar on Security Topics on MOVE Ecosystem

In Partnership with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), across this 3-day course on Security Topics on MOVE Ecosystem, we went through a tutorial on the Move programming language and gave an insight into the MoveVM architecture. Subsequently, we deep-dived into a security analysis of Move and disclosed findings that we have made on its vulnerabilities.

[The Security Topics on MOVE Ecosystem Course is conducted in Mandarin, Chinese]

Course Agenda

    • Day 1: Introduction to the Move Language / Move 语言基础

    • Day 2: The Design Principle of MoveVM / Move 设计原理

    • Day 3: Move Security Vulnerability Analysis / Move安全漏洞分析

    What is Move?

    Move is a new programmable platform for blockchains and other applications where safety and correctness are paramount; It is an executable bytecode language designed to provide safe and verifiable transaction-oriented computation. The language also features a strong type system with linear resource types, runtime checks, and formal verification.

    We consider ourselves to be the security leaders of the Move Language and have discovered several vulnerabilities, including a critical-level vulnerability in the Aptos Move VM. You may read more about it in our blog.

    Day 1 (Video Recording)

    Day 2 & 3 (Video Recording)

    Numen Cyber Labs is committed to facilitating the safe development of Web 3.0. We are dedicated to the security of the blockchain ecosystem, as well as operating systems & browser/mobile security and we regularly disseminate analyses on topics such as these, please stay tuned for more!


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