Curve Finance Attack Incident Analysis

The incident occurred on August 10. Numen Cyber Labs, through on-chain transaction analysis and Twitter, found that the famous project Curve Finance was attacked. However, this attack is different from the common contract vulnerability attack or flash loan attack, instead, it was a DNS hijacking attack incident.

The Hacker visited the webpage of Curve. finance ( and redirected to the malicious URL. Afterwards, the hacker placed a malicious attack contract on their page. So when the user authorized on the webpage, it was actually authorized to the contract address deployed by the hacker, and the hacker could directly transfer the money from the user’s wallet.

Till now, the hackers have obtained a total of $573,000 in assets on Ethereum.

Curve Finance Graphic

Recently, security incidents are increasing, and hackers’ attack methods have emerged in an endless stream, so let’s also take a look at this attack incident (for example).

Hacker Address:

Attack Contract Address:

Transactions at the user authorization vulnerability address:

Transactions hackers transferring user address asset:

Attack Incident Analysis

Step 1:

Because DNS was hijacked by an attack, the Access Curve Finance webpage which user access was redirected to the malicious URL. So when the user authorizes the transaction, the authorisation is authorized to the hacker’s attack contract. And after authorisation, the user essentially becomes a lamb ready to be slaughtered by the hacker.

Curve Attack incident fake authorisation
transaction details screenshot 1

Step 2:

When the hacker contract address has the authorization of the user token, it can directly call the transfer function in the attack contract to transfer the tokens in the user’s wallet to the address specified by the hacker.

transaction details screenshot 2

Step 3:

Hackers exchanged the tokens that profited from the attacks through some decentralized exchanges and transferred them through Tornado.Cash.


Currently, Curve officials also issued a notice that the problem has been found and restored, and it is recommended that users use, and DO NOT use for the time being. They have reminded users that If they have approved any contracts on Curve in the past few hours to revoke the authorisation as soon as possible.

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